Say Uncle!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2

Day 2 – Discover Your Why

I have been traveling for nearly a year now. When I set off on this journey, my intention was to unleash the weight of all this emotional baggage I carried. Like most of us, I was never taught how to manage my feelings, thoughts, and as a result, my behavior. I was never taught how to get out from under all this heavy weight. So, traveling and removing myself from the comforts of home was a sure way to shake things up a bit. I was turned upside down, flipped inside out and left screaming UNCLE!

Recently I was asked by a teacher of mine, “What is the hardest part you find about your travels?” I replied, “The hardest part of all my travels is that I take myself everywhere I go. I can change location, I can change the people around me but I can’t seem to escape from my own thoughts and feelings. That is why I am working with a variety of cultures and learning ancient healing techniques. I am discovering the how to’s and doing the work required to think and feel differently. I no longer want to carry these mountains I was only meant to climb.”

What is true freedom? Is it a place or a location? Is it a state of mind or being free from emotional burdens? Is it being free from laws and regulations? Freedom means something different to each one of us and each one of us will find freedom in a variety of ways.

As a result from my search for freedom, I was surprised to find that when I do my own personal work and allow myself to show up in life authentically, it provides a safe platform for others to do the same. Not everyone takes the invitation, and that’s okay too. But, for those that do take the invitation for showing up authentic in conversation or company, they then pass these new ways to their family and friends by just BE-ing the change.

 Here is a link to my website to read more about emotional release and healing after trauma




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