Walking In Grace


Blog 3 – Creating A Vision Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

Day 3 Challenge: Now that you know what a Perfect Day is, I want you to visualize yours and write it down as a blog post. Start with the moment you wake up, through to the time you go to sleep.

Walking In Grace

As I wake up, I feel the cool breeze on my face drifting in from the open window. I am so snuggly warm under these covers, I just want to treat myself and lay here a few more minutes. From my pillow, I glance out the window and see the sun beginning to peak over the mountains. The birds are whistling and the fog is rolling through the mountains covering over them like a fluffy blanket. I put my hands to my heart to connect to this divine image and offer gratitude for this opportunity to witness and be part of all this magnificence.

My thoughts are clear and it feels so good to have free space in this head of mine. I glance into the mirror and see I am wearing a natural smile and life just feels damn good.

A fresh morning juice will suit me for breakfast. I think I will head out to take a walk while its still early morning, before anyone is moving about. I admire how different the world feels so early in the morning. It’s so still and peaceful and my favorite time of day. The air is still a bit brisk, yet the sun feels so warm on my face. I invite this warmth in to warm me and offer me its strength.

This afternoon I am catching up on emails with family and friends, Spanish lessons, meditation, movement exercises and then turning on some music to do a little dance. I might even belt out a tune here and there.

This evening I am making a veggie soup and a hearty salad. My body loves real food!

I think it’s time to make a warm fire in the fireplace and sit with a hot tea, a cozy blankey and give thanks for the opportunity to enjoy life’s greatest treasures.

And now it’s time to lay this sleepy head down. Aho



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