Success Is An Inside Job

Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5

Day 5 Challenge: Create a daily success plan for yourself that takes only 15-20 minutes and schedule a time in the day where you can squeeze it in. Write a blog post about what you will do, when you will do it, and how it will get you closer to your dreams.


Success Is An Inside Job

This assignment blog is one of the more difficult one’s for me. I only have to write about 15 – 20 minutes out of my whole day on how I can make myself successful and I am drawing a blank!

Well, I can start with what I already do. First thing in the morning, I place my hands over my heart and it might go something like this – I give thanks for this new day and all the people in my life, whether they are people who bring my spirits up or tend to lower them, I am thankful for them all. They are all my teachers. Thank You.

Next, I grab a glass of lemon water to hydrate my system. I do anywhere from 15 mins. – 2 or more hours of the following, depending on the day:

  • Pray/Set clear intentions for the day
  • Eat/Drink
  • Love
  • Qi Gong
  • Meditation
  • Journal
  • Read
  • Go for a quiet walk


So I guess you could say that my success plan is to create a space inside myself that is successful no matter what. I can lose my job, I can lose people around me, I can lose my home or all that has meaning to me but I will never lose what I have invested in me. Nobody can take that away and I feel that is the biggest, most important investment one can create. I also prepare in these ways to tune into my work as an energy worker. All of my daily practices, and more, tune me in to do the work I most enjoy doing. I take myself everywhere I go, hey, I better learn to like myself.




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